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Win Prizes & Help Charities by checking your ZIP Code!

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Krystal Marie
Krystal Marie
Fantastic game to play, been active on this site since January and I won on May 23rd $66.60. The key is to just be patient, my mom has even signed up now. Used to waste a lot of money doing the Virginia lottery but won't be doing it again. Thank you ZIPCODE DRAW for paying me so fast.
Tom Murphy
Tom Murphy
I won! And they got the funds to me very quickly (via paypal)
A.m. Donovan
A.m. Donovan

Charities can receive over


Every Year

ZIP Codes win up to


Every Month

Players win their share of


Every Week

Charity Funded.

Many of our players ask how does this work? Simply put, from your $7 a month donation account we send 80% of your subscription to a range of global charities. This also means the more players, the greater the donation and prizes!

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free lottery

Everyone winning.

ZipCode Draw receives only 5% profit to keep the Lottery sustainable. At the end of each calendar month, we send your subscription to charities such as Waterkeeper Alliance, the Fisher House Foundation and The Orangutan Project to name a few. Joining our daily draw takes just a matter of seconds and winners are announced at 17:00 EST every day.

Changing lives together.

Start playing for just $7! today and not only will you be in with a chance of winning cash prizes but you will also be supporting good causes for both local and global communities. Why join independent charities, when you can play and help multiple ones!

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